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Episode 32 – Ancestors

April 15th, 2018

Episode 32 – Ancestors


Things we talk about in this episode:


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About the ancestors


What ancestors mean to Suzanne


Charlemagne and how everyone alive today is linked together.  It’s like Six Degrees of Separation.  But bigger.  We’re talking about Charlemagne and the peoples of Europe, because it’s an example that we’re familiar with, and not because we’re folkish.  The theory of interrelation applies all across the planet.

it’s also been explored elsewhere:


The Theory behind it all


Suzanne talks through liberal universalist heathenism, as it relates to ancestors.


Kate talks through ancestors and universalist principles


Vikings in the sagas: how did they look at their ancestors?  Take a look at Hilda Ellis ‘Road to Hel’ There’s a PDF available online for free here, or you can see if your local library has a copy.  


The practice of ‘sitting out’ in the sagas and ancestors petitioned for blessings and help:


A way to greet your ancestors in ritual


Ancestors, names and faith


A discussion of bloodline, family, adoption and kinship bonds.  Spoiler: it’s all good.


If your family or ancestors are in another country


A bit about petitioning your own ancestors for help


The (dreaded) Christmas Round Robin – bringing your family news to your ancestors.  If you’ve not encountered a round robin Christmas letter before, here’s a couple of links:



The Dis – your female ancestors (your mitochondrial ancestors) You can do a blot or ritual to honour them, called a Disirblot.


The Roman Dis


Dis Manibus – ‘To the Spirits of the Dead’


Boaty McBoatface


The memorial at The Gherkin to the unknown Roman girl.


“These are not the Dis you are looking for… move along” paraphrased from Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1979)


Birth runes and the Dis

In the Lay of Atil, Glaumvor tells Gunnar her husband of several dreams of the Dis.  From this she knows that if he does the actions he plans, the Dis will come to claim him.


Valkyrie: the choosers of the slain -


Humanitas – connection between people


If you’d like to look at an additional short video about ancestors and ancient groups from the BBC:



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