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Speaking of Frith Episode 2

January 17th, 2021

This week, we are speaking with our own president, Topher Henry! An interesting walk down his hostory and hearing how he came to Heathenry.

Speaking of Frith Episode1

January 1st, 2021

Hail and well met!  Our pilot episode starring solely me! Jeddar Felix, your Mild Mannered High Drighden and host!  A truly short intro to what you will be hearing in future episodes of the cast!  Schedule will be every other week, starting with this new year, on 01/01/2021, and starting it strong and brighter than the last! 

Guest scheduled for Ep 002: Topher Henry! 

Intro Title: Mimer's advice, Allfather's hope 

Outro Title: Gjallarhorn, awaken the Gods (feat Gaute Öhrn) 

Band name:  Vindsvept 

Album:  Ragnarök 


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