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Episode 25 – Nine Noble Virtues

January 2nd, 2018

Episode 25 – Nine Noble Virtues


Things we talk about in this episode:


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A discussion around the Nine Noble Virtues may evoke some strong reactions.  Please remember that Kate and I can’t (and wouldn’t) tell you how to heathen.


“Only a man, whose...” The Golden Child (1986)


“Go it, Molesworth” - Nigel Molesworth, as any fule kno, best found in The Compleet Molesworth (1958) or the reprint Molesworth (2000 Penguin)


Havamal, verse 3 (warm knees):


There are two main versions of the Nine Noble Virtues that you can go explore, an article here should start you off:


Limitations for the Nine Noble Virtues are summed up nicely in a two part article, available here:  and here’s part II:


Point of note for the AFA nine virtues: the last one on their list is one which doesn’t follow the pattern of a virtue and it’s opposite: Ancestry is better than Universalism.  For us, this is not a zero sum, it’s not ‘choose one or the other, but not both.’ We can be universalist and still want to respect our family.  Universalism is based more in the principle that anyone can practice heathenry, rather than who my ancestors were.  We suspect that here, in light of other related statements the AFA has made, this can be taken as supporting an exclusive interpretation of heathenry.


Kate’s Foot and Mouth Anecdote.  Info on the outbreak can be found here:


AFA statement on race and heathenry led to many organisations signing up to Declaration 127, based on a verse from the Havamal.  TAC’s own blog post is here:


TAC supports Declaration 127, which is a confirmation of their Universalist principles.  You can also sign it as an individual, or as a Kindred, Hearth, organisation or group, and read more about it here:


#Shieldwall is another anti-xenophobic initiative that you can show support for:


“No one expects the Spanish Inquistion” - Monty Python. "The Spanish Inquisition" is a series of sketches in Monty Python's Flying Circus, Series 2 Episode 2 (The Spanish Inquisition), first broadcast 22 September 1970


The Spanish Inquisition, more here:


“Run away from the hills!” Blackadder first series: The Black Adder: Episode 1: The Foretelling. [1983]


“Answers on a piece of batter pudding” from The Goon Show:


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