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Episode 27 – Loki’s Flyting

February 2nd, 2018

Episode 27 – Loki’s Flyting


Things we talk about in this episode:


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It’s storytime again! This is a re-interpretation of the Flyting, and it seemed appropriate to use quick one liners and shade for an admittedly one-sided contest of insults between the gods.  As this article explains shade is “the bitter residue of a people who have mastered the art of dismissing and humiliating others with humor and sarcasm after having been degraded for years ourselves.”

Applied to a single person, this seemed to us to fit the Silver Tongued One’s situation and attitude perfectly.


We’ve put some classic quick quip one liners in here too, as throwing shade can be non-verbal and that doesn’t translate particularly well to a podcast *side eye* * hair flick* *sips tea* 


You might notice that there are some incidents referenced in Lokis Flyting that we now don’t have the corresponding stories for.  Some folks will say that this is because we’ve lost the original stories, and that they were well known at the time, and others say that Loki made the incidents up on the spot for his own purpose of shaming the gods.  Either way, we’re probably not going to find out...


Disclaimer: Kate and I aren’t particularly good at throwing shade in person, or throwing anything for that matter, but we hope you enjoy the episode anyway :)


Number 47 – appears in Alias, Fringe and Star Trek multiple times (and occasionally in Star Wars too) :


Theon Greyjoy – Character from Game of Thrones, a noble born son given to another noble house to help keep peace after a failed military coup. (happens a few years before book one begins)


“The Doom Song” - sung by the character GIR, from the cartoon series Invader Zim (2001 - 2004).


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