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Episode 31 – Lord Surt and Fire

March 30th, 2018

Episode 31 – Lord Surt and Fire


Shout out to TAC Charter member  , for the topic for this episode


Things we talk about in this episode:


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'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.



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There’s lots of UPG in this episode, we’ve tried to reference it as best we can.


Suzanne and Kate conjugate and decline – dratted latin classes…,_Derivation,_Declension,_Conjugation


“Listens for audience applause...” Bluebottle, The Goon Show


“The primary buffer panel has come off...” Serenity (2005)


Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (and the horned helmet of Surt)


Surt as destruction by fire


Warm knees – from the Havamal, verse 3


Fire in the heathen worldview


Muspelheim - ‘In the beginning there was fire’


The Wicker Man (film 1973 and 2006)


“No grenades...” Serenity (2005)


Fire as a provider of heat, warmth and light.  As a forge, and for a hearth fire. 


The use of candles and incense on altars


Fire as a requirement for advanced society


Loki’s trial at Utgard – his eating contest.


Fire as a transformer


The Viking cemetery at Repton – internment burials and cremation burials.


Fires at camps, the creation of sacred space and frith


Viking metalwork – shield bosses, bridle fittings, hinges, locks, rivets and nails. See also


The importance of fire in the Havamal – warmth as an element of frith.  Compare fire in verses 3, 68, 70 and 82


Fire and safety


Stars (and the sun) and the connection to fire


Kate remembers talking to a blacksmith, and how they measure the temperature of metal by sight.


Black Body Radiation


The connection between heated metal and stars.  Compare types of stars  wit colours of heated steel


The constellation of Orion: the stars of Betelgeuse (kind of orangey colour) the top left of the constellation compared with Rigel (blue coloured) on the bottom right.


“And all of this will happen again...” Battlestar Galactica (TV Series 2004 - 2009)


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