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Episode 35 - Honour

June 7th, 2018

Episode 35 – Honour


Things we talk about in this episode:

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'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.


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Background fire ambience by inchadney from

“No, she hasn’t got a funny hat on...” Joyce Grenfell

Flailing Chocolate International Tour Locations – The Herdwick Stadium, Giggleswick (From way back in Episode 5...)

“No, no, no, parking is available in the Upper Field.” The Vicar of Dibley (1994)

Thanos – the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Honour has killed millions of people, it hasn’t saved a single one.” Jean Baptise Emmanuelle Zorg, The Fifth Element (1997)

“Valiant men who exert a good influence are called Drengr.” Snorri Sturlson: from

Honour in Egil’s Saga:

Egil’s Saga if you’d like to have a read:

“It’s better not to offer, than offer too much.” - Havamal 144 (

Thorolf (from Egil’s Saga) features on Pimp my Longship – (Kate says sorry for the wee sweary)

“This is Sparta!” - Leonidas, 300 (2006) for a clip:

An exploration of honour

“Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread”

Sun Tzu – On the Art of War -

Mary Rose -

USS Nimitz -

Gragas – medieval law book

Declaration 127 -

Delenn/ Sheridan and Sebastian - Comes the Inquisitor (Season 2, episode 21) Babylon 5

Honour is a concept that Suzanne finds comes in at interactions between people that are non-regular. It’s more likely to be evidenced in situations that you don’t face every day – situations that may be at the extremes of human behaviour in the modern day. You can act honourably in any situation you face, but honour is subjective to your own interpretation, and how the people around you view what you have done (and to a lesser extent, why you have done it).

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