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Episode 37 - Thor’s Journey to Utgard - part 2

July 1st, 2018

Episode 37 – Thors Journey to Utgard part 2


Things we talk about in this episode:


Opening Music:

'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.



Closing Music:

'Round II - The Ancients' by Learning Music, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence



Background fire ambience by inchadney from


Working Men’s Clubs -


Derby and Joan Clubs – post-war social clubs for senior citizens, often with light entertainment, live music, board games and light refreshments. See and


‘Born to Rune’ Reference to a new leather robe that the Dean makes in Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music published in 1994


‘That Stone Guy from Ragnarok’ - Korg. See


Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Dr Seuss, The Cat in the Hat


“The hero Midgard deserves, not the hero Midgard needs...” parody of The Dark Knight (2008)(ending scene)


“Breaker of crockery.” From Thor (2011)


“You won’t like me when I’m hangry.” Hangry – to be irritable from hunger. Parody of ‘You Won’t like me when I’m angry’, most famously from The Hulk. Head here for the trope: and here for the Hulk:


“Thor shot first.” Parody of ‘Han Shot First.” Star Wars (IV:A New Hope) – referencing a scene which was changed in the Special Edition of Star Wars, to show Han Solo shooting a bounty hunter in response to being shot at. The original showed him shooting the bounty hunter first (which gives a much better start to his character arc from rogue to hero.)


Tricksters and hunger/food – Head back to Frithcast episode 26


Pac Man


“Would the Real Slim Shady please stand up?” Slim Shady is an alter ego of the rapper Eminem, see


(As far as Suzanne remembers, in the original when the Giant king explains all his tricks at the end in the original, he misses out Thalfi’s races. Most of the translations and English versions have the giant king explain that Thalfi ran against Hugi – the speed of thought.)


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