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Episode 40 - Ethics and Practicalities of Rune Reading part II

August 15th, 2018

Episode 40 – Ethics and Practicalities of Rune Reading II


Things we talk about in this episode:


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Phobia of patterns of holes – yes, it’s a thing:


Coffee from a packet – have a listen way back in episode 1 (Dec 29th 2016)


Cawdor – From the Shakespeare play, Macbeth. In particular the production by Oddsocks Theatre Company


Find your nearest loo – preferably before you start reading for your first client


Take a bottle of water with you – you’re going to be doing a lot of talking, and you might not get chance to get a drink otherwise


Take a box of tissues with you – it helps preserve the dignity of your clients. A large box, not a packet of pocket tissues, else you’ll end up giving the whole packet to your first client, and then you’re without...


Decide how long each reading will take – balance how long you can talk with how many you want to do in one event. This will affect how much profit you make (if you charge at all) and how late the event will end up running… When you start out, you might only want to do a few, with ample breaks in between – be kind to yourself and your developing skills, don’t overface yourself in your first few events.


Spread – not Marmite – but a set pattern that you can lay runes out in, or you might choose to drop all of them, and pick three at random.


If you’re doing an event, such as a psychic night, ensure that you know what the cut is from your money beforehand – does someone else collect the money, do you collect it and pay a percentage or fee afterwards? Do people buy tickets beforehand and you get a set price for the whole evening? Know what to expect before you attend.


Practice a set spiel before you actually get to the casting part – it helps your client know what to expect, and helps you settle into the whole process. Repeating that set opening every time you cast will become a type of meditation for you – a way that you can get your brain into the right place before you start.


Think about that you want to say if you get nothing from the runes for your client – do you manage their expectations beforehand, or just explain it as it comes up? There will be occasions when the connection doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how much knowledge you have, it doesn’t have to be anything that you’ve done wrong or differently.


Don’t poke the smiling old man with a broom… especially in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the character of Lu-Tze


Most of the time, the images, words, smells or other messages will not make sense to you – have a think on whether it’s ethical for you to moderate what you get in telling your client, or is it more ethical not to moderate it?


(likely to be) UK specific – some people may come to you expecting it’s for ‘entertainment purposes only’, and you tell them what you’re getting, and you say something that hits home, they may not be expecting that. Manage the expectations and confidentiality of your client from the beginning.


Decide whether you want to invite your clients to comment on your words afterwards, or not. Don’t expect this of them, some clients may not want to share. As a reader – get used to disappointment and not getting closure from your client.


A few words on dealing with sceptics: as a reader, you can choose to read for them, or not. They may be angry, scared or defiant and aim it at you. Ultimately a sceptic chooses what to believe. As a reader, so do you.


Pass Go and collect $200 – the wonders of Monopoly.


There are many ethical considerations that you can have a think about before your first client sits down with you. Keep client confidentiality in mind, and think about any circumstances that you might break that – if someone discloses abuse to you, for example. How might you handle that in the best way for your client?


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