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Episode 55 - Bj581 - The Grave Formerly Known as Male

April 1st, 2019

Episode 55 – The grave formerly known as male - BJ581


Things we talk about in this episode:

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South Park, The TARDIS and Midsummer – all places that are psychoreactive, containing just what’s needed for that week’s episode.

WHS trowels – the only ones for excavation as far as British archaeology is concerned :

Raid on Lindersfarne in the Ango-Saxon chronicles – 793AD

“on chicken legs” – Kate was thinking of the house of Baba Yaga

Harris Matrix a diagram which shows the relationship of features and soils to each other:

Hansard Website – the going’s on of the Houses of Parliament

Chair made from swords – reference to the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones

Oseberg Ship burial

Sutton Hoo

Ibn Fadlan’s account of the burial of a Rus Chieftain:

Beowulf, the burial part at the end:

Xena, Warrior Princess

Ocam’s razor

“We know nothing, Jon Snow”

If you want the original excavation reports and drawings from 1878: the excavators diary is in Swedish but there is a famous image of the excavated burial:,_Sweden_by_Hjalmar_Stolpe_in_1889.png

If you want four pages from the whole thing, head here:

Here’s the original paper announcing the osteology result in 2017:

This is the most recent paper published in Feb 2019:

The Wikipedia page has some good references to explore this further:


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