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Frithcast Episode 13 The Franks Casket

July 2nd, 2017

Episode 13 The Franks Casket

Things we talk about in this episode:


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'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.



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'Round II - The Ancients' by Learning Music, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence



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We have coffee

‘It’s 106 miles to Chicago and we’re wearing sunglasses’ - Blues Brothers (1980)

‘Thirteen!  Thirteen!’ From the TV series Rome, Season 1, episode 11 ‘The Spoils’. (2005)

What exactly did happen to the 13th legion?

An introduction to the Franks Casket

That sock:

Kate has the power

Tangent warning – The Scottish Play.

Sir Augustus Franks is awesome

The Franks Casket aka The Auzon Casket

5 panels not six…

The replica right-hand panel

The carvings and inscriptions on the panels – Roman Christian, Jewish and Germanic legend images and inscriptions in four scripts.

The Far Side (by Gary Larson) –

An explanation of shared cultural imagery and stories through Red Riding Hood – with a nod to Hoodwinked ( 2005)

The cat makes herself known

Which sack of Jerusalem exactly?

The Northumbrian connection

‘A box on legs’ Luggage from Discworld – Terry Pratchett

The front panel – the two images explained

The right-hand side – the Adoration of the Magi -

The cat comes back

‘The magic of radio’ - “If I stand on your shoulders and then you stand on mine...” paraphrased from ‘The Histories of Pliny the Elder’ The Goon Show, series 7, episode 25, first broadcast in March 1957.

The front panel inscription – an Anglo-Saxon riddle

A sideways step into The Hobbit.  Argh, chapter 5 isn’t ‘Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire’, it’s ‘Riddles in the Dark’ (by JRR Tolkien, 1937)

Kate solves the riddle

Too much complicated...

The left hand side – the story of Weyland.  Why are there four and a half figures?

A quick retelling of the legend of Weyland the Smith  

Dame Celia Molestrangler – the ‘Fiona and Charles’ sketches from Round the Horne (1965 - 1968)

Mooses, Meeces…

The mystery deepens

A replica in the British Museum shop

Photographs of it on the British Museum website

To know or not to know…

How to find us online

Kate gets left on her own with the mic

Kate tells a thing about Star Wars

Suzanne gives her best Wookiee impression