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Frithcast Episode 19- How to Prepare for Ritual Part 1!

October 4th, 2017

Shout out to TAC Charter member Chance Beckner who suggested the topic for this episode.


Things we talk about in this episode:


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Because this is such a big topic, we’ve split it into a double episode.  This is the first part on a discussion of how to approach ritual, Episode 20 will be the other half.  As this topic is a very personal one, this episode will contain a lot of UPG.


Can you freeze rum? Answers on a postcard...


Toasting pants


Kate sings ‘Wandering Minstrel’


What is a Blot? A ceremony or ritual to give thanks and praise, or to mark an occasion.


Using ritual tools – is optional! 


Using an indoor or outdoor altar


How Suzanne does a ritual – Part 1: the preparation part:


Ritual Preparation  - wash, give thought to clothing (and any jewellery you want to use).  Ritual washing is also common to a lot of traditions – Islam adherents wash before daily prayers (


Oath or Arm Rings – an arm or wrist band which is mentioned being worn by Gothi’s (priests) in the sagas.   (You don’t need a Gothi or Gytha to lead ritual, sometimes it’s nice, but sometimes it’s nice to do it yourself!)  You might look at Millstream Forge for blackened steel arm rings,  a cuff from Runecast Copper or just search for ‘Viking arm ring’ for something to suit your style and budget.


Making an offering – think about when to start your preparations (especially if you want to bake bread, make a cake, make candles, make mead or sloe gin, or hand-make something else…) ( (


Gathering any ritual tools that you want to use. - these might include: bowl, oath ring, candles, statuary, pictures or representations of the Gods, altar cloth, hammer, any offerings that you want to give, decoration of your altar or ritual space, drinking horn, pictures of or items from your ancestors - things that are personal to you and the occasion.


Parallels with other traditions: Catholic Mass is high ritual – (and evolved from Roman practice -


Ritual can create repeated actions – this has parallels with martial arts forms and katas, as a meditation in mindfulness, connection and deepening awareness.  (


Creating familiarity in actions


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