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FrithCast Episode 4

February 17th, 2017

Hail and welcome to the new episode of Frithcast! Please share and enjoy! 


Things we talk about in this episode:


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I remember what this is called!

Kate runs out of steam

People get excitable as to choice – other Asatru groups are available...

Havamal – translated by Bellows (1936)


A list of the 5 rough sections of the Havamal:

  • Section 1: Guest Rights and Responsibilities: verses 1-80. Especially verse 77 “Cattle die, kindred die...” and keeping guests knees warm.
  • Section 2: Verses 81-110. On Women: including 2 stories of the seduction of women.
  • Section 3: Verses 111 – 137. Advice for the Stray Singer: “I advise you...”  Especially verse 127, the basis for Declaration 127 signed by TAC.
  • Section 4: Runes: verses 138-146: Especially verses 138-139 which describe the Allfather’s self sacrifice to obtain the runes.
  • Section 5: Verse 147 to the end: Charms:”I know a first, a second” etc. Verse 157 mentions the runes again.

Translation and language considerations

9 noble virtues

How to find us online



Section 2 is actually 30 ish verses, not 20 ish.  80-110.  My bad.


Some of the translations available online: (most at:

Bellows 1936




Bray – also available at


Auden and Taylor