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Frithcast Extra! Mental Health and Self Care!

January 25th, 2017

Join us for this mini episode of Frithcast! 


Frithcast Extra – Self Care


Things we talk about in this episode:


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1) “I have a cold, and a squeaky voice”

2) Batman and Red Dwarf – Alfred and Rimmer talk soup

3) Because politics affects everyone

4) Some things that might help with self care:

     Change your environment (if you are able) to encounter less news and reactions

     Take care of your physical needs: eat, wash, sleep, drink, walk.  Take any prescribed meds.

    Talk – to family, friends, faith leaders, therapists, counsellors, someone you trust.

    Catastrophising – what it is and what you can do

5) Create, if you feel safe, find a way to express yourself in a controlled way.

 6)‘Just One Thing’ - set one reasonable, achievable goal.

 7)You are your own best friend.

 8) What you can do if you feel unsafe

9) We are all human

10)Choosing options is a choice.  Choosing to do something or not is still a choice. You decide what is best for you.

11) Please look after yourselves. Look after each other if you feel able.

12)How to find us online


We realise that self care is a very personal thing, so these things are just tools that you can choose to use, or not.  There are also some free smartphone apps out there that you might choose to look at:


Headspace – available for both

Self Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) - available for both

The Worry Box for android

Worry Watch for iphone


Stay Alive – available for both