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Frithcast Extra: On TAC Charter Membership

July 25th, 2018

Frithcast Extra – TAC Charter Membership

Big shout out to Tub Welch, member of TAC, who suggested that we cover this in an episode :)   

Things we talk about in this episode:

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***Disclaimer: Kate and Suzanne aren’t the people that decide on Charter Member applications, and have no influence on the people that do. Just so’s you know***


Thinking about joining TAC? You can start by looking at TAC on Facebook – The Asatru Community:

This is the big group, and it’s free to join. It’s a good place to start having a nose around. If you click join, you’ll be asked a few questions: your answers help the admins and it’s not an exam! It’s a closed group, but has members who are heathen, curious, people of other faiths, peeps who want to learn more.


Bakewell, where the puddings come from: (Other pudding ships are available...)


Dauntless: from Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ universe:


De-virtualise: Gus Hedges in Drop the Dead Donkey:


Final Five: a nice obscure reference to the Battlestar Galactica reboot… (WARNING TOTAL SPOILERS AHEAD!)


TAC is a universalist group – it’s a socio-political stance which says that anyone can practice Asatru. They take the view that the faith is now a global one, and not restricted to those of Northern European descent or familial connection.


Becoming a Charter Member: - Also Free! - donations are not compulsory! TAC is a registered charity in America. Making a donation doesn’t guarantee your membership will be accepted. Not making one doesn’t affect your application either.
Here is where you can find the link to the Charter Membership application forms, it’s on the TAC website:


Here is the Charter Member application form if you are applying as an individual or as a family group: (this is the form that we’re talking you through in this episode!)


TAC Ambassadors – someone who is a local area lead, who can be a first contact for an area, organise events, post interesting stuff to their regional group. If you’d like to see where your nearest Ambassador is, you can find the global list here: All Ambassadors have TAC e-mail addresses, so you’re welcome to contact them, whether you’re a Charter Member or not.


If you’d like to find a military ambassador, head here:


Read the TAC By Laws before you apply! You can find them here:


Benefits of being a Charter Member:

Regional groups
Specialist groups – including Eir’s Hearth (mental health group), Military Outreach, Heathen Parents of TAC, Heirs of Bifrost (LGBT+ and allies group), Heathen Gamers of TAC, Rune Magic and Study Group, etc.
In-person events in your area through the year
Mimir’s Well – TAC monthly e-magazine
Lead Ambassador’s monthly newsletter (if you choose to opt in)

How to find us online