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Frithcast XL: The Names of the Allfather

September 28th, 2017

Drum and chanting track: ‘Jagadamba – Shaman frame drum with Om chanting’ from


We had sudden want to create a piece, reciting the names of the Allfather over layers of Elder Futhark rune names and drums.  As usual when you get a sudden instinct, it generally proves longer to actually do the thing than having the thought in the first place.  


The names of the Allfather are many – this isn’t a definitive list, we may have unintentionally missed one or two.  Generally the list comes from the Gylfanning, which lists about 200 names.  You may know the Allfather as the Wanderer, First Husband of Frigg, One-Eyed or The Raven God, but he has many more titles and spheres of influence.  You can find a listing of most of his names here:


We leave you with a quote from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Kate and I hope you enjoy this.


“This is what they call me.  I’m called Glad of War, Grim, Raider and Third.  I am One-Eyed.  I am called Highest and True Guesser.  I am Grimnir and I am the Hooded One.  I am Allfather, Gondlir Wand Bearer.  I have as many names as there are winds, as many titles as there are ways to die.”

 (American Gods, Neil Gaiman (2001) Ch6.)


PS We had a little help from the Thargoids… just sayin’ #cantstopthesignal